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Want to download ShareIT APK for Android? This is the right place! There are many platforms on the internet for exchanging files between devices but you won’t find any platform like this. that we use on a daily basis make it necessary to use data transfer systems compatible with the various devices. ShareIT app is a utility developed for this purpose by Lenovo, a computer manufacturer.

Download Shareit for Android APK

Transfer any file from one PC to another PC or mobile device with SHAREit app. This program lets you share photos, videos, music, files, documents and anything else between computers and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

This program allows you to transfer files both between PCs and smartphones (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) and between computers and computers.Sending and receiving files, applications, photos… is an almost routine habit nowadays, but sometimes we don’t have the Internet or the content takes up too much space. Here we will show you how to use SHAREit, a solution to send and receive files easily without an Internet connection.

Main features of SHAREit Android

SHAREit is an application that allows you to share and download various types of files quickly and securely: movies, videos, music, apps and many others. According to its creators, it can transfer information up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth with a maximum speed of 20 M/s. In addition, it has built-in a video and audio player, so you can enjoy the downloaded files in the best quality and does not require USB or mobile data to use it.

features shareit apk

  • It doesn’t matter the size of the file.
  • You don’t need WiFi, cables or data plans.
  • Make backup copies of your images.
  • Use it to remotely view files and folders from another smartphone or PC.
  • Use your smartphone to control the projection of a Power Point.
  • Transfer faster than Bluetooth, up to 200 MB per second.
SHAREit is an app for sending and receiving files locally. Unlike WeTransfer, Telegram or WhatsApp, in the app we won’t need an Internet connection or a WiFi router.

How to download ShareIT for Android (APK)?

Connect and Transfer is an application to speed up transfers between all types of devices. The only thing is that you have to download this application on both devices to make it work. This also means that the receiving and sending smartphone or tablet must have SHAREit – Connect and Transfer in order to transfer successfully.

The procedure to download the Shareit application is a simple way. Follow the steps correctly, at most it will take you a few minutes to download SHAREit for free. All you have to do is visit the link that will take you to the direct download of ShareIT APK.

Application SHAREit
Latest version 5.3.69_ww
Price Free
Last update 17/03/20
File weight 93,1 MB
Available for… Android


This page is a secure website and you will not find any malicious programs in our files, you will be able to download virus-free shareit.

How to install Shareit APK?

First, you need to download shareit APK from the Google Play Store, then you must make certain changes on your Smartphone which are:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for SHAREit”
  2. Click on install from the Google Play Store
  3. Accept the permissions and click on the “Install” button
  4. The application will start to be installed on your mobile device
  5. If you have enough storage (25mb) it will be installed successfully
  6. And that’s it! Just enjoy sharing it on your Android device for free

And if you still have any doubts, we’ll leave you with this video so you can take the right steps. Enjoy!

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