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Today I want to talk to you about SHAREit for iOS (iPhone). It’s a great application created by Lenovo that lets you share data between multiple devices. Not only between iPhone, but also between iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. As for the download: The application is free, weighs 21 MB and is in English. In addition, you’ll need an iOS 6.0 or higher version to make it work properly in iDevice.

Download Shareit for ios

With Shareit you will find a quick way to connect devices with different operating systems and share photos, videos, music, documents and contacts. ShareIt is easy to use, has a very intuitive graphical interface and you will have no problem finding it in English. The send/receive process requires a Wifi connection to avoid wasting mobile data.

During our tests, we shared large files of even 500 MB and had no problems with their operation. The transfer takes place in a few moments. The version for Android devices turns out to be a bit more functional, especially since Google does not impose the same limits imposed by Apple. For example, it is not possible to choose music or documents saved on iPhone, while on the contrary, it is possible to do so on Android devices.

share it for ios and iphone

Music transferred from a Google device to iOS creates a new folder within the app, but does not allow you to save the song to listen to it through the “iPod” app. To remedy this, Lenovo has introduced an audio player that allows you to listen to songs sent in iOS and saved in a special folder generated directly by SHAREit. A special folder is also generated for sending files and documents.

Download Shareit for iPhone (iOS)

Downloading this app is completely simple. Just click the button below and you’ll go straight to the App Store to download.


Hotspot function in iOS

In Android it’s also easier to use the hotspot function, since it’s activated directly from the application and with which it’s possible to share files without necessarily being connected to the same wifi network.

On iPhone and iPad, the access point is hidden and to activate it, you must resort to a method that although simple, is somewhat more complicated than in Android.

  • Go to “Settings” -> “Personal access point” and activate the option.
  • Connect the device with which you want to share the files to the newly generated network
  • Sending device: Access the SHAREit application again, click “Send” and choose the file you want to share.
  • Receiving device: Access the application and click “Receive”.

In the past, I tried other similar applications and SHAREit was one of the best. All transfers made by us have been successful.

Another application you can use is Xim from Microsoft. It’s excellent for sharing photos both on a wifi network and on a mobile network. So both applications will stay installed for a long time on my iDevice.


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