SHAREit for Lenovo – 2019

SHAREit for Lenovo

Laptops and SmartPhones both have become an integral part of our daily life. They not only have simplified the process of data storage and handling but also have made it entirely easy to perform various tasks at the comfort of your home as well. The method of file transferring is altogether more comfortable with the wired sources, but it gets a little bit tricky when it comes to cordless sources especially when we want to do it on different platforms.  Today we are here to introduce you with one of the most popular and interactive files sharing tool, SHAREit for Lenovo.

What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is one of the most simple file transferring and data synchronization utility tool being developed by Lenovo that have enabled the users much more comfortable to share their preferred data and multimedia applications between two different platforms such as PC to mobile devices or vice versa. The best part here is that the app is quite helpful for sharing different formats of files across a WiFi enabled networks. You can hassle free share your required photos, videos, contacts, android apps, and other data files as well from your PC to your smartphone without spending any extra charges for that.

Working on one of the smoothest and interactive interfaces, you can quickly send and receive the different files in just a few seconds. Making it much easier for you, the interface of the device includes well-defined icons along with the names of the connected devices to it. SHAREit can clone your device file system by sending the device’s layout and other data files of the invention. From compatibility to the tutorials for different tasks, the list of functions to be performed is very high.

Features of SHAREit for Lenovo

SHAREit for Lenovo

SHAREit is a straightforward and interactive application that brings up the opportunity of working up all the tasks in a single window. All you need to do here is to switch both of the devices over a wireless connection and also need to make the usage of advanced settings as well to make them discoverable as well. Just pair up them with WiFi connectivity and enjoy high-speed file sharing. The app is quite usable and useful in understanding the various needs of file sharing. Some of the fantastic features of this beautiful tool are:

Speedy file sharing: SHAREit for Lenovo have provided its users the opportunity of working with one of the fastest file sharing platforms. You can now easily share different formats of files just within a few seconds. The speed is approximately 60x to the traditional file sharing app, i.e., Bluetooth.

Multiple format sharing: Rather than depending on a fixed format, the app offers you the opportunity of sharing files of different sizes within a few clicks. From pictures, videos, music files, documents to contacts there are some things that you can share with other devices just by tapping on it.

Automatic searching: One of the most beautiful things about SHAREit is automatic searching of devices in range. For sharing files on same platforms or different ones, you need to open up the app both on sender’s and receiver’s end. When it turns on the app, it automatically searches out the device in range and just by making few clicks you can effortlessly pair up them as well.

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No data required: Just like other file sharing apps, SHAREit doesn’t depend on your phone network, Bluetooth connectivity or activity WiFi network. It connects the devices wirelessly directly whenever we turn on the devices both at sender’s and receiver’s end.

Multiple platform sharing: Multiple platform file sharing is one of the main highlights of the SHAREit app that makes it unique among the crowd of millions in the marketplace. Whether you are willing to share files from Smartphone to Smartphone or PC to PC or it is about sharing data from PC to Smartphone and vice versa, all you can do just within a few seconds.

Multiple Device sharing: Along with the involvement of very user-friendly and interactive interface, the app is quite efficient in sharing files simultaneously among five persons. In short, it is going to save much of your precious time by allowing you to share the related data to different persons just with one click.

Secure sharing: While sharing on files with a different person, one thing that keeps striking our mind is security issues. File sharing process often brings up a lot of bugs issues as well. SHAREit is the name that keeps you safe and secure from such matters. The files we share from other devices directly get saved on the storage memory of y our device rather than on cloud storage.

Greater compatibility: While choosing an app, one of the most preferred features almost we all search for it its compatibility. Better will be the compatibility of an app, much easier it would be to use on different platforms. SHAREit app is perfectly designed to use effortlessly on the Android system iOS system and Windows as well.

Multiple Language Support: SHAREit for Lenovo offers multiple language support to users. It is readily available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Russian languages, etc.

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How to use SHAREit for Lenovo?

SHAREit for Lenovo is one of the best DOit apps by Lenovo that have made it quite more comfortable to share the preferred files just by using drag and drop option. But before proceeding with the further process, we want to make sure to do with some prerequisites adequately such as:

  • Make sure both of the devices have preinstalled and running SHAREit app.
  • The roles of sender and receiver are different, you have to choose the position as per your requirements.
  • Please make sure to turn on the wireless radios.
  • Ensure to set up a confirmation request before starting up further with the file receiving process.
  • Make sure that the WiFi card has been properly installed on your device.

Download SHAREit for Lenovo:

shareit for mac features

If you want to install the SHAREit file transfer app to your Lenovo device, then firstly you have to download the app for Lenovo. Click on the below button and link to Download SHAREit for Lenovo.


Official Download Link

How to connect different devices using SHAREit?

The process of connecting different platforms using SHAREit is a quite straightforward process, all you need to do is:

  • Launch the SHAREit app on your computer system and then press on the QR code being displayed over there.
  • Once done, run the SHAREit app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the open the menu option and then select Connect to PC option.
  • On the completion of the above process successfully, now press on the Scan to connect option and then scan the QR code being displayed therein SHAREit for Windows using your Smartphone Camera option.
  • You will get connected to the other device on the successful scanning of the QR code.

How to send files?

For sending files using SHAREit app, all you need to do is:

  • Launch the app on your device, and tap on the Send option present on the SHAREit interface.
  • Select the file or folder you wanted to send to other device and then click Next.
  • Once the file is sent, the press continues to return to Click to select the interface to send up more data and if all is done, press Finish to return to SHAREit interface.

How to receive files?

  • Launch SHARAEit app on your device and turn on the Receive option.
  • Tap on the Waiting to receive interface. On the successful receiving of file stay connected with the new interface to collect more data if required; otherwise, tap Finish to get back to the SHAREit interface.

It is all about SHAREit for Lenovo. Just follow the following guidelines carefully to share the preferred files on the same or different formats carefully.