SHAREit for Windows 7 [32/64 Bit]

SHAREit for Windows 7

If we talk about sharing apps across the cross platforms, SHAREit is one of the most famous names in the list that is currently being used by millions of people worldwide. It is one of the most beautiful apps that have made the concept of file sharing on same as well as cross platforms much easier, all you need to do here is an official and advanced version of this beautiful app on your devices.

There have been a lot of data sharing apps available in the market, then why to choose upon SHAREit over all those? If this is the same question striking up your mind, then hold your horses, we are here providing you the best answer for all of your queries along with the installation and usage process of the same as well. One of the best things about this beautiful app is that you don’t need to spend any internet data on it. It is entirely a WiFi direct relied app that only requires the devices well connected and nearby devices with the same.

As we have mentioned you earlier that, it is a cross-platform app and hence you can effortlessly use it for sharing files from your computer system to your Smartphone and vice versa without requiring a wired connection for it. Microsoft has already launched various versions of Windows in the market. Today here, in this content we are going to discuss you about SHAREit on Windows 7.

SHAREit For Windows 7

Downloading and installation process of SHAREit for Windows 7

SHAREit is an android application previously, that if you download on your device, you need to take help of an android emulator. But recently SHAREit also has launched its different versions for PC as well. You only need to take care of us the compatibility of the release of SHAREit you are going to use with our Windows 7 so that you can install and use it effortlessly. Just follow on the simple and step by step gave procedure carefully to get this fantastic app on your device.

  • Before going further with the installation process, check whether Windows 7 installed on your computer system is 32 Bit or 64 Bit.
  • Now, open your web browser and search for the option of SHAREit for PC in the search bar.
  • Once done with the above process, select the latest and advanced version of the app that is being compatible with your Windows to be installed on your device.
  • Once done with the downloading process, locate the downloaded file in the by default downloading folder to continue with the process.
  • If you are not able to locate the file then  you can search for the file using Windows search box, or by going to your default directory.
  • Next, make a double click on the .exe file extension of the SHAREit app so that to go further with the installation process.
  • You will be provided with the list of different instructions on your home screen, follow them carefully to prevent any error out there.
  • Click on the Install option and wait for the installation process to get completed.
  • On the successful completion of the installation process, you will find the app icon on your home screen from where you can easily use it in the future.
  • Enjoy! You gut SHAREit for Windows 7 downloaded in your laptop now set it up and enjoy the seamless file transferring beetween the devices.

How to use SHAREit for Windows 7?

Once done with the installation process successfully, it’s time to use this fantastic app, to transfer your preferred data with your friends. The app comes up with a very user-friendly interface that almost all of us can efficiently operate and work on. The only thing that you needed to keep in mind here is that SHAREit only allows the file transfer in nearby WiFi direct connected devices only.


  • Preinstalled SHAREit app on your Windows 7 and Smartphone
  • WiFi direct connected Windows 7 and Smartphone

Steps to follow:

How to Install ShareIT for Windows 10
  • Jump up on the “Show QR Code” option and make a click on it.
  • Launch your Windows 7 and open up the SHAREit app on it.
  • Now, open up the SHAREit app on your Smartphone as well by clicking on the three vertical points provided along with it.
  • You will receive a pop-up menu on your home screen showing the option “Connect to PC.” Just click on this option to move further with the process.
  • Next, press the “Scan to Connect” option and scan the provided QR code with the help of your Smartphone.
  • That’s it. Your devices are well connected now, and you can share files as per your choice.

Advantages of SHAREit for Windows 7:

SHAREit is one of the finest and multifunctional cross-platform app that has enabled the concept of file sharing much more comfortable. Some of its amazing benefits are:

No data usage: One of the best things about SHAREit is that it does not use your internet data. It is a WiFi direct rely on an app that can quickly and freely send a large number of your data files without having any difficulty here. Moreover, you have now don’t need to think about the format of files you are willing to transfer as well. You can smoothly transfer photos, videos, data files, apps, and full HD movies as well to your friends now.

Infinite online videos: It is one of the most beautiful apps that offer you to stream around a vast and endless library of online videos now. Moreover, the best part here is it is free to use and download. You neither have to spend a penny of yours here.

Excellent video player: The video player is excellent, smooth and perfect and offers full HD video resolution to provide you with high-end results.

Discover trending music: It is not only a sharing app, but you can also search upon the latest trending music through a well-managed library. Just add on the names of songs you are looking for and you will be there with the suitable results

Fantastic music player: Elegant music player is also there to amaze you with the sound effects you are going to have. You are now going to have an immersive experience of listening to your favorite songs with the help of powerful equalizer.

A huge GIF and wallpaper library: You are also free to choose upon the wallpaper and GIF as per your preferences from the provided large library.

High transfer rate: – SHAREit is one of the fastest file sharing app that is being considered to be more than 200 times faster than that of Bluetooth. It speeds up to 200Mbps that is very good.


We have tried to add every single detail related to the benefits, installation process and the usage of SHAREit in this article. Hope that you will like the information being provided in the section and will make it a smooth run for you.

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